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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Music Stand Lights

Great for Pianos, Music Stands, Orchestra Pit, Schools, Gigs, Keyboards and Dark Clubs. Fully Adjustable Beam.Collapses to Pocket Size for Quick & Easy Storage. $11.99

The highest quality of light for reading music. Ultra-smooth and even light. Extra easy on the eyes. Never replace another bulb. Comes with a durable gig bag. $29.99

Piano Lessons DVD

Koala Music has a few really good Books to learn to play the piano that come with a DVD and a CD. Here is an example below. This book cost $16.95 for the Book, CD and DVD.

Progressive Beginner Piano[69167]
For Beginning Pianists(52 Pages)An easy to follow Piano method for the complete beginner. Covers note reading, music fundamentals, finger technique and playing chords with the left hand. Includes many well known songs in a variety of styles.
There are also a few other Books that come with a DVD for the Piano and several others that come with the Book and CD.
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Complete Learn to Play Series

There is a series out called the Complete Learn to Play Series. These books are for the beginner to advanced player. You can get a book for almost any instrument. has a book for Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Chords for the Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Classical Guitar, Rock Guitar there is a Complete Learn to Play for Harmonica, Keyboard, Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums and Saxophone. These books are great they all come with 2 CD's to play along with and each book has 190 pages or more. Check them out at They retail for $29.95 a book.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Guitar Writing Book

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TAB FOR GUITAR-Guitarist Writing Book * TOO SMART!

This is the ultimate teaching aid for any guitar teacher or guitar student. It is also perfect for song writers and guitar players who write music.Manuscript and Tab writing paper.
Featuring: Easy-to-read chord & tablature diagrams. Chord & scale charts. Easy tear-out pages. Glossary of tab & music notation. Excellent learning tool for students!

Labels: specialize in music tuition products, that teach, in a lesson-by-lesson format, how to play any musical instrument.
On this site you will find instructional books, CD's, DVD's and Videos for a wide range of musical instruments and styles. Hundreds of titles for instruments including Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Harmonica, Recorder, Sax, Clarinet, Flute & more. Easy Lesson by Lesson format.
Our music instruction methods are designed by experienced music teachers so that they can be used by individuals to teach themselves or used by music teachers as teaching manuals. Check out the website you can get instructional books for almost any instrument.